About Us

📲WHAT WE DO 📲: Ecommerce business owners hire us to smash the ceiling on increased revenue and customer satisfaction all while working less. Most business owners are too busy working in their business rather than on their business. We help to ease the burden through automation so they can get back to what they enjoy the most.

📲WHAT IS CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING 📲: Conversational marketing connects you (the owner or business) with past, present and future customers where they are at while making less work for you using Facebook Messenger.

📲 WHO WE WORK WITH 📲: We are partnering with eCommerce industry professionals including:

✅ Ecommerce Business Owners  ✅

✅ Directors of eCommerce  ✅

✅ Ecommerce Program Managers  ✅

✅ Digital Marketing Managers  ✅

✅ Ecommerce Business Analysts  ✅

✅ Ecommerce Developers  ✅

✅ Entrepreneurs  ✅


🚫Individuals or owners with no marketing budget 🚫 

🚫Individuals or owners looking for a magic pill or instant results 🚫 

🚫Individuals or owners content with their growth 🚫 

📲 WHY IT WORKS 📲: When you partner with us you get the most efficient and effective Messenger automation services that owners are looking for right now.

By harnessing the power of conversational marketing, you can provide 1-1 interactions with your customers at scale. You can interact with them where they are, whenever they are looking for answers without tying up you or your staff 24/7.

📲 WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT 📲: We give you personal 1-1 attention so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. For some, that is having more time to spend with their families. For others, that is the ability to take a deep breath and slow the pace of their business down. Still others use this as an opportunity to be able to expand.

📲HOW IT WORKS 📲: We will start with you answering a few questions about your business.  After that, we will jump on an approx. 30 min phone call to see if we would be a good fit to partner together.

📲READY TO TALK 📲: Message us directly on Messenger at m.me/wishul